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Driving with bald or damaged tires puts your safety at risk. You risk getting into an easily avoidable accident when you drive with bad tires. Don't risk your safety - come to Z-1 Automotive Inc for complete tire services for all makes and models.

Get quality tire repairs and replacement services.

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Our technicians can examine your tires and make recommendations to help keep your ride smooth. We also have a Roadforce Balance machine available for problematic vibrations.

Keeping Your drive Smooth

Whether you have a car, SUV or light truck,  we carry a wide range of tires and have access to all major brands to fit any make or model.

All Major Brands of Tires

Every car has different needs and purposes. Your truck might need a heavy duty tire for towing and hauling or an all terrain tire so you can take it off the road. Whatever the tire, you can count on us!

Choose the Perfect Tire for Your Vehicle

Don't Risk Your Safety with Bad Tires

12 Tire Fitting Air Checking